Kwik Kopy Canada chooses to partner with Amazing Print Tech for web to print technology.

Product: eCardBuilder

“It’s simple, easy to use and it’s efficient”

Tim Turcotte
VP Operations, KKP Canada
Formerly known as Kwik Kopy Print Company Canada

ARTIK Case Study

For its web storefront provider, Artik went with Amazing Print Corp., the Concord, Ontario, firm that has facilitated millions of postcard, business card and stationery orders with proprietary online, ondemand printing technology since 1997. Its suite of web-to-print software features template-based tools that effectively market, drive and close sales. Danan says he has known Slava Apel, CEO of Amazing Print, “for a long time. When he showed me the program, at first I was not impressed. But then I saw the possibilities and I fell in love with it. That was three years ago.”

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Artik Case Study


Sir Speedy, Markham

With a new project completed I wanted to thanks Slava and his team at Amazing Print for helping us get started with online ordering. Myself, along with others at
Sir Speedy Printing in Markham, have learned many new things regarding online searching and ordering. Our new system is up an running and we will be adding new products to our online store as time goes on. We look forward to increasing our business through our new system and working with the people at Amazing Print.

Neale McKittrick, President, Sir Speedy

Professor Print | APT satisfied client

Starting at the basement of my house, within 3 years I generated 6 figure monthly online sales without ever having to talk to clients or ever printing the final product. 100% of my business came from my organic SEO web site position, as I never paid for advertising. eCardBuilder software let me build out a website that Google has indexed over 10,000 pages. After 2 years, 30% of clients were return customers and after 3 years 70% of sales were from bookmarked traffic.

Josh Barkin

Team Best Printing

Team Best Printing

If you are like me – you have been around for a while in the print industry. One thing, I learned is that there is no one W2P system that can be suitable for every shop. I use a combination of multiple systems. For multi-channel campaigns, due to my previous work experience I use XMPie. However, it is too slow to be used as WebToPrint and does not come with SEO friendly content or templates. For 5 of my retail brands I use Amazing Print’s software, and I am happy with it. I’ve looked at 9 other systems (PageFlex, PTI, Alyant, RedTie, PagePath, Prisme, EFI/DSF etc) and found a few problems. All of them looked good in demo, but none of them were consumer friendly. I’ll explain. They were either in HTML5 or Flash, which still has low browser penetration. They were not rich with content for search engines and mainly they were slow to load into browser, causing huge bounce rate. Most of them were B2B focused, and not friendly to acquire new customers. I also looked into 2 India based systems, and spoke to their customers… All said same thing. No support, no understanding of USA culture, no security, and NO ORDERS. So the system that I got, gave me what I was looking for. Passive sales due to SEO nature of the program, Hands off fulfillment, and mainly it gave me more content than all of the other systems combined. After many years of experimentation and searching I have arrived at the one solution that is suitable and workable without breaking the bank. I highly recommend systems by Amazing Print (that is unless you are my competitor in Vegas/Henderson area – then stay away).

Samuel Iamson, Team Best Printing, Las Vegas, NV

BCT Pompano Beach

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your team for your fantastic support and incredible technology. In today’s business environment, it is rare to find a company that provides unparalleled support and innovative software. The response from our clients has been overwhelming in regards to Amazing Prints eCardBuilder online designer. I believe this has given my company a weighted advantage in a highly competitive market.

Lillian Roberts, President


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