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Cloud Production, A New Path To Profitability authors Slava Apel and Dr. Joe Webb

Authors: Slava Apel and Dr. Joe Webb

Printing technology expert Slava Apel and print industry consultant and futurist Dr. Joe Webb present their experiences, research, and practical perspectives about how printers can use cloud computing to improve their operations and customer experiences. These technologies can improve business strategy implementation and have a positive effect on the market value and investment attractiveness of a printing enterprise. Cloud computing is an enabling technology that offers opportunities for workflow flexibility and increased productivity. This cloud production guide stresses the best practices for the assessment and planning of cloud migration and implementation includes a plain-language overview of cloud computing concepts and business applications. Also discussed are the varieties of cloud services, cloud technology and software vendors, differences between cloud, SaaS, or enterprise deployments, and the range of price points and contracts for cloud software. The book pays special attention to the importance of training. The authors explore the risks and alternatives for the critical step of integrating the cloud with current operations and planning the migration of current systems to cloud computing.

Much anticipated guide on automating your print shop.

Book options

Welcome to the Cloud
A Brief History of the Cloud
Defining the Cloud
Three Ways of Using the Cloud
The Time Is Now
How This Book Is Organized
For More Information
Chapter 1: What Is the Cloud?
Cloud Drivers
Cloud Case #1
The Cloud for Print Businesses
Three Kinds of Clouds
-Private Cloud
-Public Cloud
-Hybrid Cloud
Comparing Clouds
Chapter 2. What Are Printers’ Perceptions of the Cloud?

Chapter 3. What Are the Benefits of Cloud Computing?

Chapter 4. What Applications Are in the Cloud?

Chapter 5. What Is the Cloud Migration Process?

Chapter 6. The Effects of Cloud Migration on Business Valuation and Succession

Chapter 7. Legal Ramifications of Cloud Migration

Choosing a Guide/Sherpa/Consultant/Cloud services brokers.

You have choices. Take our recommendations from the book and approach every company yourself. You can hire an IT minded individual to research for you and help you with the migration. You can teach your team to understand how to migrate to the cloud and how to choose a right vendor for each segment.

OR you can outsource it to a Guide/Sherpa/Consultant.

Consultants have done the conversion and migration many times prior to speaking to you so they can guide you for better pricing, better connectivity, better uptime and better service level agreements.

For  example,  on  a  recent  project,  a  client  requested  pricing  for  cloud  storage. We  provided the  same  specifications  to  three  providers,  whose  responses  ranged   from  free  to  $50K!

Could a range like this really be?  Finally, are you straight up concerned that you don’t know what you don’t know and that you will choose the “wrong” provider?

A consultant can guide you through Performance, architectures, disaster recovery plans, vendors, upgrades, security, data location, encryption in transit, regulatory compliance, documentation, support, pricing.

Instead of setting up meetings with 100s of vendors and sitting through 300s of hours of demonstrations and 600s of hours of their follow ups and presenting the findings to the management team (that’s a lot of coffee and boardroom meetings), we recommend using a Guide/Sherpa/Consultant/Cloud services broker that will do all of the homework to you and give you just 3 options instead of 100.  You still will end up with the final decision, but you will save 1000s of hours.

It is the Guide/Sherpa/Consultant/Cloud services broker’s (S/G/C/C) job to ask you the right questions, to figure out the requirements and to present only relevant cloud options to participate in the evaluation and serve as the general program manager for your company. It is Guide/Sherpa/Consultant/Cloud services brokers’ responsibility to set the schedule and deadlines, find you the best deal and make sure that the offering properly fits into your businesses culture.

The S/G/C/C/ knows what negotiation tactics are suitable for your pricing requirements and how to position your request to fit into the best pricing grid.

The compensation to S/G/C/C/ is split between different methods:

  • Vendors paying them a commission
  • Retainer plus hourly work
  • Discovery plus transition plus maintenance fees
  • A difference of savings success fee
  • A one-time lump sum fee based on scope
  • Etc

We recommend engaging a large, reputable and focused firm that understands printing industry.

Media Launch

Press Briefing / Media Launch of Cloud Production Book

The book was released at the Print17 trade show in Chicago, Illinois on September 7th, 2017. Both authors, Slava Apel and Dr. Joe Webb, were in attendance to say a few words and sign the books as they came off the Konica Minolta presses on the trade show floor. See video for details.

Printing Impressions | Are Your Ready to Migrate to Cloud Computing?

Cloud Production News

Are Your Ready to Migrate to Cloud Computing?

A new and forward-looking book “Cloud Production” is debuting at PRINT 17. This guide was selected by Konica Minolta (Booth 2031) to highlight the importance of these technologies, and to showcase the company’s printing and finishing capabilities. Konica Minolta is making the book available for free to show attendees… Read More >

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Ten Reasons to Use Cloud Technology in Your Printing Business

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