Our mission is to become the most used technology in the web-to-print market.

We want to do for web-to-print what Adobe did for design and Microsoft did for computer operating systems.
Our mission is to be the easiest to use and the most used online printing software.

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Amazing Print Tech

Since 1997, AmazingPrint.com has supplied print technologies as well as print marketing products and services to B2C and B2B markets. AmazingPrint has created an entire suite of software applications that provide printers with template based design online products and software tools used for on-demand printing services. Amazing Print Tech, is a division of Amazing Print, Corp.

Consumers and businesses around the world use eCardBuilder to allow visitors to easily design and order custom stationery products online. Current clients include MinutemanPress, OfficeMax, AWT, PIP Printing, BCTs, MailBoxesEtc, SirSpeedy, and thousands more. AmazingPrint solutions can be applied to B2B, B2C, B2b, P2P, wholesale, retail, kiosk, and other markets. The company has a team devoted to Web development and custom development, and focuses on quick printer chains, such as SirSpeedy and KwikKopy.

Primary Products and Services

  • eCardBuilder | Design Online: Software solution that enables a storefront creation and management for the sale of template driven business cards, postcards and other 20+ stationery products. Packed with thousands of pre-made templates.
  • ePrintSite | Web2Print Ordering: Online color proofing software for custom design and print orders, with collaboration, tracking and annotation tools.
  • Printerprise | B2B Ordering: Provides corporate printing services software for B2B, Branded storefronts and specific verticals. Brand management, group permissions and multi tier reporting.
  • ePrintTech | Custom Storefronts: Customized workflows and online design for printing web-to-print services that combines assortment of many technologies; VDP/1:1, file transfer, PURLs, Transpromo, B2C storefronts and corporate storefronts. Catered to every print shop’s individual preferences.
  • ePrintAutomation | Marketing: We provide a predictive, intuitive SaaS Technology and Marketing Training for commercial printers, transforming their business processes and dramatically increasing profitability.

Who we work with

We’ve tailored our web-to-print software to support the exacting needs and requirements of our customers in the print, packaging and label industries.

Increase Profit Margins

Provides all available pricing solutions to choose from, including best margin.

Reduce Administration

Consolidate existing systems and processes into one central hub.

Increase Sales

Create targeted marketing campaigns and calculate Return on Investment.

Access Essential Data

Easily access and analyse information from across your entire business.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Speed up the quoting process and produce jobs quicker.

Turn Jobs Around Quicker

Create quotes quicker and accelerate your print production workflow.

Amazing Print, Corp, Product Spotlight

eCardBuilder web to print design online engineeCardBuilder is a Web-to-print solution that offers a complete Web site with online postcard, greetingcard, letterhead, business card and other stationery design tools and a print shop management system.

eCardBuilder has multiple wizards that capture client’s information. It also features multilingual and multi-currency support for French, Spanish, and English. Wholesale pricing, product selection, and real-time reports are included in the solution.

eCardBuilder provides a content management system (CMS) for corporate and kiosk storefronts, features a versatile storefront creation tool, over 100 pre-built products, over 15,000 customizable templates, template search engines, do-it-yourself checkouts, a desktop file upload feature for branded print drivers, FTP replacement, VDP online functionality and a PDF converter and Online file pre-flight.

Amazing Print offers three licensing plans to incorporate low- to high-volume printing service Web sites. Each plan includes over 20,000+ template options with additional features.

  • Affiliates: This basic solution provides control over sale reports, commission, tracking abilities as well as pre-built eCommerce.
  • Dealers/Brokers: This solution features tracking orders, promotions, integration of shopping cart, customizable Web site, multiple storefront accounts, Web statistic reporting, control over retail prices,  sales reports as well as pre-built eCommerce.
  • Printers: This solution provides the most features including promotions, own or external shopping cart, customizable Web site, customizable shipping rates and offers, integration with couriers, control over retail pricing and customer information, ability to add additional products, coupons, distributor accounts, the ability to brand, pre-built eCommerce and more.

Product Name: eCardBuilder
Vendor Name, URL: AmazingPrint, Corp, https://amazingprint.com/