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Print Sales and Marketing

By Slava Apel & Dave Fellman

What comes first: Marketing or Sales? What is more important: Marketing or Sales? What works best to bring in more work: Marketing or Sales? How do you attract more business? What works in today’s economy? How to execute Sales or Marketing campaigns?

The book “Print Sales and Marketing” will train you on how to bring and retain business, be more profitable and keep your customers happier.

Using our 60+ combined years in print and marketing knowledge within the print industry – we will guide you on how the top performing print shops are increasing their sales in any economy conditions regardless of the equipment mix or geographic locations. To this date we have helped over 8,000 businesses achieve higher sales, and now it is your turn to excel as well!

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Mr. Fellman has authored 3 books and more than 300 articles on sales. As a sales coach he is a master of training on how to achieve higher in person sales in print industry.

Mr. Apel has authored books, articles, manuals and white papers on online marketing. As a marketing coach he has taught thousands of printers, business people, start-up companies and non-profit enterprises how to best position themselves online for maximum number of incoming leads and sales.

Both Apel and Fellman are masters of lead generation training for printers.  Both train printers on setting up marketing programs that drive awareness and interest in company’s products and services. There are multiple ways to drive demand online and offline, merging perfectly traditional and digital marketing methods.

Media Launch

Press Briefing / Media Launch of Print Sales and Marketing Book

The book was released at the Print17 trade show in Chicago, Illinois on September 7th, 2017. Both authors Slava Apel and Dave Fellman were in attendance to say a few words and sign the books. See video for details.


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