Key Personnel

Slava Apel, CEO, Amazing Print Corp.

Slava Apel, CEO

Mr. Slava Apel has been CEO of Amazing Print since 1997 and brings with him many business successes into the world of web to print.

In his career, Slava has founded a marketing company with many cases of successful execution of targeted direct marketing campaigns and strategies using multiple marketing channels. With a huge focus on product knowledge and advertising, Mr. Apel led a company with 40 employees, training them on latest technologies, order-management and communication skills that were necessary for successful face to face transactions.

After one success came another when Mr. Apel opened up an advertising agency to cater to the growing demand of one-to-one marketing for the businesses that were in need of personalized communications. After receiving proper accreditation, Mr. Apel was able to develop unique processes and advertising methods that quickly put his agency on the map. With Mr. Apel’s help, hundreds of businesses were able to reach a new customer base, create market awareness and bring measurable results that are still paying off today. The business excelled in direct response, direct mail, print, promotional product, creative signage, mainstream TV, radio and billboard advertising. Even pre Internet going mainstream, Mr. Apel saw the potential and helped multiple clients gain valuable market share online.

In 1997, Mr. Apel founded a new company – Amazing Print Corp. With Mr. Apel’s knowledge and expertise in developing and managing the development and implementation of Internet and web-based operations and technologies, his understanding and hands-on experience in marketing and advertising, Mr. Apel was able to engineer new ways for web to print applications, print and for one-to-one marketing.

Mr. Apel has been quoted by several trade magazines like Graphic Monthly as one of the two biggest leaders in the web-to-print industry.

“…Amazing Print is successful…”
Graphic Monthly (February 2007 Vol. 28 No.1)

“…Amazing Print may succeed, where many others have failed…”
Graphic Monthly (June 2005 Vol. 25 No.3)

“…Printers make first moves online find business can be just clicks away…”
Graphic Monthly (August 1999 Vol. 20 No.4)

Currently Amazing Print’s technology powers the majority of the most successful print websites found on the internet. Amazing Print Corp is the premiere source for web development to several Fortune 1000 companies.

To contact Mr. Slava Apel about web to print software or web to print development, please go to contact Amazing Print form.