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  April 26, 2017  
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eCardReview Product Information  

eCardReview has the most advanced and the most flexible PDF install driver available. Whether your print customers have a Windows OS or a Mac OS, printers can put their business right into their clients' computers without any set-up fees or licensing fees. This PDF print driver allows for online proofing by creating a print-ready PDF file that can be sent via the Internet.
– FTP replacement
– Convert any file into PDF
– PC, Mac or Online transfer
– Secure file transfers
– Branded installer
– Trnasforms even most difucult of files into PDF like Microsoft® Publisher
– PDF Print Engine generates job previews which render identically to final output
– Print driver Completely integrates with B2B web to print engine or eCardBuilder as a file delivery method to any FTP.

eCardReview Key Product Features:

Online proofing modules for custom print orders. Real time approval and sign off processes
Print order tracking modules for web order of business cards, greeting cards and more
Status tracking through each step of the printing process

Key Product Benefits:
Completely web-based, accessible 24X7
Track orders using only an email address
Easy-to-use online proofing interface for buyers of custom print orders
Web to print multi-language support built in
Already integrated with 3rd party shipping and fullfillment tracking systems

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